QRT RS toggle/thread terminal 5/16″ for 4 mm wire



QRT RS toggle/thread terminal 5/16″ for 4 mm wire

Quick Race Tuning Rigging Screw Features:

  • Laser engraved calibration scale for preise adjustment.
  • Handle for one end quick adjustment and easy locking.
  • AISI 316 stainless steel body and terminal with chromed bronze nut.
  • Fit threads and toggle fork for 2.5 – 7mm wire.

quick race tuning

All Blue Wave QRT?s have laser engraved calibration scale for precise adjustment. The nut is to be used as a level indicator for adjustment and NOT as a stop nut. Do not use any force when the nut has reached the edge at level 0 – The nut will break off!



Performance, reliability and design – The QRT turnbuckle meet them all !

Blue Wave is fast, efficient and it is fit for purpose, and like all good design the QRT turnbuckle being accepted as a given. We have run the gauntlet of Class, measurers, ISAF plus a testing procedure, and I am please to see the team are embracing this new technology.
A win-win, both the sailors and Blue Wave will benefit. One of the reasons why this is a great industry to be involved in.
Julian Bethwaite
49?er designer