Correct Attachment Of Fittings To Wire

Ensure the wire is clean and end even cut.

Use the correct size standard dies recommended by the supplier. Correct wire attachment/termination can only be achieved by firmly swaging the material of the terminal into the strands of the wire.

Blue Wave wire terminals correspond to the standard sizes and stainless materials used in the market. The terminals are produced so that a swage machine (e.g. from Wireteknik) will produce a swage within given tolerances in 1 (one) pass in the machine.

When extremely compact strand ropes are used, 2 (two) passes in the same track could be needed to reach tolerances.

Additional passes should NOT be made.

Where wire hole depth is not marked e.g. on the small terminals, the wire hole depth must be measured before swaging, not only to find the point to start the swaging, but also to get the right length of the final wire including the fittings.

CAUTION, by swaging the terminals onto the wire, the shaft will get a little longer.