MRT Calibrated Rigging Screw thread terminal/toggle 3/4″ for 10 mm wire



MRT Calibrated Rigging Screw thread terminal/toggle 3/4″ for 10 mm wire

A highly sophisticated mono race tuning, from the Blue Wave racing line. It features an adjustment nut in black chromed high quality alu bronze, engraved calibration scale for fast and accurate adjustment of the rig tension and an extra length thread terminal.

Blue Wave is also now a ISO9001 Certified Company, a worldwide recognition of quality management systems standards.  This certification certifies Blue Wave’s commitment to meeting the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to our product and service.

Blue Wave hardware is distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand by  ProRig Hardware.   For information on the Blue Wave product range download our catalogues for Wire Design Systems, Rope Line and Marine by visiting our Catalogue page.

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Rig Maintenance

All rigs should be checked and maintained regularly. The rig and sails are your boat’s “engine” and as with all engines, the fittings should be checked at least twice a year. Are your rigging screws starting to fail? Are all treads and pins intact? Cleaning the fittings and adding fresh lubricant, will extend the lifetime of your rig. A rig’s lifetime depends upon the standard of maintenance, however as a general rule, your boat needs to be de-rigged and inspected, at least every other year. A qualified inspector should inspect a wire rig after 10-15 years and a rod rig after 5-8 years.

The user is responsible for choosing the proper cable diameter and for correct assembly.
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